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For further information about the manuscripts or our activities, please contact us: info@aksakun.org or aksakun@gmail.com

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“Info: When Launching Website aksakun.org – in Bale Rumawat, Bandung, 27 September 2013”

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“Info: After Discussing the Website in Pro 2, RRI Bandung – 24 September 2013” 


aksakun.org team consists of people coming from education background and experience. These people are gathered, creating this organization that functions to present information on written artifacts as a remainder of the ancestor existence in the Indonesian Archipelago in digital form, namely interactive website. Those people are listed below:



Sinta Ridwan | is a conceptor, coordinator, data collector, writer and content editor

Born in Cirebon, West Java, January 11th, 1985. She spends her time as a joint degree doctorate university student majoring philology in Padjadjaran University, Bandung and ethnolinguistics in Université de La Rochelle, France. Apart from teaching and learning Indonesian ancient script (aksakun), she is also active in free-lancing writing in literature and tourism. Her contact is sintaridwan@aksakun.org

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Suciadi Ramdhani | is a system operator, data analyst and public relation

Born in Bandung, West Java, April 8th, 1989. He has been a postgraduate student majoring anthropology in Padjadjaran University, Bandung. He loves to play acoustic guitar, to read historical and  cultural readings. Contact him at uchay@aksakun.org

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Aulia Akbar | is a web and graphic designer

Born in Bandung, West Java, May 7th, 1992. He has been a university student majoring visual communication design in his last term in Institute Technology National, Bandung.  His daily activities constitute free-lance graphic designer, photographer, and “Auroracoustic” music player. Contact him at auliaakbar@aksakun.org

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M. Tazul Arifin | is a web designer and interactive programmer

Born in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, August 1st, 1992. This university student has been majoring visual communication in Institute Technology National, Bandung. He enjoys motiongrapher and free-lance interactive designer. Contact him at mtazularifin@aksakun.org

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Indra Djajadikarta | is a web developer and programmer

Born in Jember, November 10th, 1985. He was graduated from Informatics management major in Indonesian Computer University, Bandung. He has been working as engineer in Divline Studio and IT supervisor in one of the hotels in Bandung. He enjoys playing and adventure. Contact him at getluck.teneleven@aksakun.org

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Rio Purnomo | is a web developer

Born in Dumai, Riau, August 2nd, 1985. He learned visual communication design in Indonesian Computer University, Bandung  and is one of the founders as well as mentor of Masagi.org. He is also 80tasks founder. He is a free-lance web designer and enjoys biking. Contact him at rio@siriokun.com

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Ellis Artyana | as a content translator (Bahasa Indonesia – English)

Born in Sintang, West Borneo, November 21st, 1986. She has been a university student for postgraduate program, majoring Indonesian language in Indonesia University of Education, Bandung. She enjoys teaching Indonesian for foreigner and writing short story and children story. Her contact is artyanaellis@gmail.com

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Mohamad Noor Rizal | as a content translator (Bahasa Indonesia – English)

Born in Bandung, West Java, February 7th, 1990. He is currently working at Universitas Padjadjaran as a web administrator and as a free-lance translator. He graduated from English studies at Padjadjaran University, Bandung. Having interest in cultural studies. Contact him at m.n.rizal@unpad.ac.id

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Ludovic Sérou | as a content translator and editor (English/Bahasa Indonesia – French)

Born in Bordeaux, France, March 29th, 1982. Currently living in New Caledonia and building future life projects. Graduated in Geology at Université de Bordeaux 1. Having interest in languages, art, culture, literature, and history. Contact at ludovic.serou@live.fr




Ari Dwi Kasiyanto | as a content translator (Bahasa Indonesia – French)

Born in Cepu, Indonesia, March 5th, 1981. Currently living in Paris, French. Graduated in French Languages and Education at Yogyakarta State University. Having interest in history, philosophy, tourism, culture, literature, language and education. Contact at aridwiky@yahoo.com

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*Translated by Ellis Artyana